The right blend of science, compassion, and care. Thank you Marissa.
— Josh, papa to two, Ashfield MA

I believe that birth is a profound rite of passage for women, their partners, and their entire families. We remember our birth experiences vividly for our whole lives: the way we give birth truly shapes the way we feel about ourselves as women and as mothers for years to come. I support growing families in Western Massachusetts with doula care, childbirth education, and individualized consultations.

Please explore these pages, view some birth stories, get a sense of who I am and what I would like to offer your family. Then contact me and let's begin the journey. 

As your doula, I support and guide your family in pregnancy and birth using compassion, instinct, respect, and evidence-based care. We work as a team prenatally, during labor, and postpartum toward decisions that are congruent with your family's needs and values. This continuity of care offers you many opportunities to think carefully about your preferences, build trust, and to birth your baby in a deeply meaningful way. Learn more about birth doula care.

I am a certified childbirth educator through CAPPA. Coming from a family of educators, teaching comes to me naturally. I teach a variety of free pregnancy and birth classes in Western Mass., and a  childbirth education series "The Science & Soul of Birth: Evidence-based care for heartfelt people" in Northampton and Greenfield MA. Learn more about my evidence-based and heartfelt childbirth education classes.

What's keeping you up at night? Maybe wondering where and how you should have your baby, worrying about your family's postpartum adjustment, or breastfeeding and returning to work. Sometimes it just takes an hour or two of consult time to work though the decisions you're trying to make, and create a plan. Learn more about how an easy and affordable consultation can set your mind at ease.