I never would have imagined I would have been able to endure child birth without an epidural...

but at 37 weeks pregnant I learned that an epidural would not be an option for me. I decided we were going to need some back up! When I first met Marissa, I instantly felt comfortable. She has a very kind, warm, non-judgmental way about her. The support she provided to my husband and myself during our journey into parenthood was amazing. She gave us tips and helped us find positions that worked for us and our baby, encouraging us all the way through. Just to know she was there as our advocate and would relay our wants to the hospital staff was a huge weight off my shoulders! Thank you so much for everything! You will absolutely be called when its time for baby number two! There is no way I would deliver without our Bellyfull Birth doula!”

Kristina, Eric, and baby Logan, Springfield

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doula reflections

Sleepy day after a night of birthing. A mama who found herself on a journey that wasn't quite what she expected, found herself knowing just how to travel the path step by step. Not an easy road, but like her mothers before her, she flew through labor. Smart and astute, honest, and practical, and she opened her mind and body to greet her boy with smiles. We left her with a baby at her breast and caravanned up the valley through the fog into the barely dawning light of home.
— M