"As a second time mom I was approaching my son's birth with more anxiety than I had felt approaching my daughter's birth.  

There was an emotional component; my daughter's birth had been very different than anything I had expected or prepared for. Plus there was a logistical component, my daughter's birth had been pretty fast from first signs of labor to baby in arms. I had a five year old to care for and the idea of managing her and a fast, intense labor was very overwhelming to me. Hiring a doula provided a solution to both concerns and we found that person in Marissa. We felt comfortable with her immediately and confident that she could help us to reach our goal of an unmedicated, peaceful birth. She helped me process my daughter's birth so that I could embrace my upcoming birth with a blank state. When the time came I had many "false starts," convinced every twitch and cramp was the start of birth and she stayed patient with me, always a text or call away to assure me she was ready and there if this was it. And when the actual time did come, and came slowly and calmly she was with us for nearly 20 hours. She was a support for my husband, my daughter and of course for me as well. Because of her help my husband was able to "stay in the moment" with me, she could handle communication with family, bring me water/ice/cold cloths, provide an experienced voice of assurance and he could breath with me and never leave my side. My son's birth was a beautiful experience for us and I believe this was in very large part because of Marissa. She gave me the confidence that I needed to reach my goals and savor the powerful birth experience."

— Jessi, second time mom, Belchertown Mass.

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doula reflections

Under the blue moon, there was alchemy. She faced deep fear. She turned loss into love. He wrapped her within himself, and she found bravery underneath the pain. Gorgeous in her labor. She mothered herself, whispered to herself, until all at once she showed her own roaring strength. Brought babe around and down and out with her own hands. "I love you," she said. We brought in their girl to discover her brother, and just like that a new family fruited in the moonlight.
— M