Breastfeeding help & pumping support

Getting breastfeeding and pumping support in the comfort of your own home can make the difference between happy, relaxed moms and babies and feeling nervous, uncomfortable, and worried. Consults are available to families throughout Western MA and Southern VT. 

Breastfeeding a new baby in Southern VT

Nursing your newborn baby

As moms, feeling that we are able to nourish our babies is so very important. Some moms and babies need the professional help of an IBCLC (lactation consultant), and sometimes you just need some guidance and support to get off to the best start. When I go into homes for breastfeeding consults, I begin by watching mom and baby nurse. I ask lots of questions, I make sure mom is physically comfortable with lots of pillows and back support. I make gentle suggestions, and I bring a list of referrals to local lactation consultants and bodyworkers in case a family needs more expertise than what I can offer. Early breastfeeding support can be a part of ongoing postpartum doula care, or we can arrange a one time consult in your home.

Mother to mother pumping support: Going back to work

Learning to breastfeed in Western MA

Going back to work or just wanting the flexibility of having pumped breastmilk so you can go out now and then? During my in-home pumping consults, I teach you how to use your breast pump and techniques to help you get the most milk out. We talk about frequency of pumping once mom is back at work, milk storage, bottles, and anything else you are concerned about. I provide tips on adapting to the new schedule that working, daytime pumping, and nighttime nursing brings. Taught by a doula & seasoned mama with over two years of daily pumping experience.

Nursing through pregnancy and tandem nursing

Pregnant and nursing? Planning to tandem nurse both children when the baby comes? I have lots of experience with the emotional and physical aspects of nursing through pregnancy and breastfeeding two babies, and I would love to help you. Tandem mamas need to stick together!