“Marissa changed our lives with her amazing positivity and steadfast support during our incredible journey into parenthood!

I had to have a cesarean due to breech position, though I felt I was still able to remain in control of my birth. This is undoubtedly because of Marissa’s empowering spirit and positive outlook during our prenatal visits, not to mention her extremely relevant advice and suggestions. She is a true professional who is not just dedicated to her craft, she excels at it. Marissa provided us with the guidance and understanding we needed, and always let us know that she was there for us, and as promised, on the morning our baby girl was born, Marissa was at our side. Marissa prepared both my husband and I in a way I never thought we could be. I will never have another birth without her!

— Anna, first time mom, Shelburne Mass.

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doula reflections

This woman, this mother, she was stronger than I ever could have imagined, stronger than I would have been myself. She trusted her baby, even when it became clear that baby's plans were different than her own. She labored, gracefully and with joy and good humor, surprising everyone with her progress. She spoke with her own voice, asking and advocating as many of us want to, but few of us do. And he, that daddy, he loved her, he held her, and he cried when he held his daughter at last. This was their birth, so joyous, so respectful. I feel as though I glimpsed deep inside them, into the pearly core of being. An honor, as always, to support and to witness.