Wondering why doula care costs what it does? Let me explain.

Being a doula is not a typical job, it's a calling and it's a lifestyle. Being a doula means living my life on call: never knowing when I can make plans or appointments, not having that second glass of wine, being woken in the night, leaving my own children to be ready to welcome yours. It means not knowing when I am going to work and not knowing when I am coming home. It's my passion, and it's also hard physical and emotional work. The hours are long. Like any small business, there are expenses, there is training and on going learning. I believe that everyone should earn a living wage, and so I have set my rates at a level that allows me to cover my time and expenses and still bring home an hourly wage for my family that is reasonable. If you truly cannot afford my services, please talk to me. I am always willing to find a solution.

I am also glad to help you seek reimbursement for my services through your health insurance company or flexible spending plan. I cannot guarantee reimbursement, but I am more than happy to help you try.