Bellyfull Birth is one half of a collaboration between two sister-practices, offering support, education, encouragement & care to growing families in Western Mass.

More strength, more support, more stamina. Meet your doula team.

I have the privilege of working with my friend and colleague Amanda Kingsley. We doula together and separately. When we partner our care, we work closely to provide you with the ultimate level of doula service tailored to meet your needs and circumstances. This optional partnership is intended to provide you with additional support, knowledge and security.

I felt safe, calm, and held in their presence. They made me feel strong, they helped me to laugh, they kept me informed, and also listened to and respected my needs and wants.
Double the Doula: Amanda Kingsley supports a laboring family.

Double the Doula: Amanda Kingsley supports a laboring family.

Our partnered doula care is a very unique model that provides so much more than just one of us could on our own. Families who want full birth photography, who are expecting twins, those managing high risk (or high stress!) pregnancies, and families planning on having other children at their births are excellent candidates for partnered doula care, but we provide this option to anyone who wants it.

The benefits to having two doulas:

  • Broader experience – Each of us brings own history and professional experience to work for you, including lessons learned during our own births and those of the women we have supported. We have different training and knowledge, and when our resources are combined, our resources are quite extensive.
  • A doula per parent  Two doulas allow you and your partner to both feel continuously supported. It's our job to make sure that each of you are getting what you need to make your birth the best possible experience. Whether that means making sure you both stay hydrated, or coaching you through a medical procedure, having two doulas ensures that no one is left feeling scared, confused, or alone.
  • Photography  If you want to capture photos of the most precious and powerful moments of your birth, two doulas is the way to go! With two doulas you will have complete labor support and professional photography. Examples of my photographs are available here.
  • More strength  The physical support that many women need in labor can be demanding. With two sets of practiced muscles, you will have all the back rubs, hip squeezes, supported squats, and counter pressure you need to stay as comfortable as possible in labor.
  • More stamina Together with your partner, we form a support team. No one can predict the length of a labor and birth. With the support of two doulas, your partner will have flexibility to rest and eat when needed as we all take turns providing you with the absolute best care.
  • More tips and tricks  Every woman and family has unique needs and desires during pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period. When we work together, we more than double the amount of tips, tricks and information we offer. Our partnership allows us to constantly collaborate, troubleshoot, and learn from one another as we find just the right solution for you.
  • Sibling at births  If you have other children that you would like at your birth, two doulas can be particularly helpful. Between us, we have four children of our own. We can make sure your children feel supported, appropriately informed, and able to move in and out of your birthing space at will. By understanding the needs of older siblings, we can help your entire family participate in the birth of your new baby.
  • More energy  We do this work because we LOVE IT, but being an on-call doula is challenging. As partners, we have the unique opportunity to constantly take care of each other, discuss ideas and challenges, and share our joys and stories. This gives you the strength of two doulas who feel nourished, energized and supported in their work with women and families.