"Living halfway across the country from our families, I knew I would want additional support for the birth of our first child, and someone to help support my husband as well.

When I met Marissa for an interview, I was immediately drawn to her warmth and the ease with which I felt I could talk to her. I was also impressed by her professionalism and how articulate she was in explaining her role as a doula. During pregnancy, Marissa was a fantastic resource for me - part encyclopedic birth educator, part the older sister I don't have who has "been there, done that." When my due date came and went, she was the person I could quietly text and say "hey, this might be it," even when it wasn't, as my husband and I grew increasingly impatient. Throughout a long, exhausting, intense labor, Marissa was a beacon of calm for my husband and I, and every bit the support person we had hoped for and needed - not to mention the amazing photos she managed to take! Even though it's been several weeks since I gave birth, she continues to be a wonderful source of information and support.  I am so grateful to have met Marissa and had her on this journey with us."

Erica, first time mom, Greenfield Mass.

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doula reflections

Patience, and perseverance, and knowing one's self; deep deep courage. Your mama, little girl, she's got all this to share with you, and you've got it too. You took your time every step of the way, miraculously finding your way to this world, to your parents arms. I talk about birth as a rite of passage, and in the last few weeks I've really had the opportunity to wonder about what that means. It's not just that we emerge on the other side of birth as mothers, it's that we have to traverse the inner reaches, approach and retreat and approach once again deep fears, deep pain, and be brave enough to push through them and arrive on the other side. We unravel, we come back together. The journey of a lifetime is so short, really, and yet we move mountains. Thank you, little girl, for this chance to reflect, and to learn, and to witness your family's journey.