Birth support for your whole family: Doulas & partners are your birth team.

A woman’s partner plays an irreplaceable role during birth; he or she loves the birthing mom as no one else can and has a deep and intimate familiarity with her that provides profound comfort. My job as a doula is to help birthing couples work together to navigate the labyrinth of labor. Often I am asked how dads and partners fit in once a couple decides to hire a doula – in fact, my husband and I had these same questions when we were pregnant.

I believe my role is to provide support to the birth partner as much as to the mom – to reassure, to provide the comfort of a knowing smile, a breather, snack or bathroom break. I know the sights and sounds of labor; in the most intense stages, it is my job to remember the techniques you might have read about or learned in childbirth class and to guide you in using them at just the right time.

We put a lot of expectations on dads and partners – to coach the woman you love through the perhaps the most transformative experience of her life. What we neglect is that you, her partner, are undergoing a rite of passage too. If I do my job well, you can really *be there* for the birth of your child and have your own individual experience of the birth of your new family.