Imagine a gentle, family centered cesarean birth

Whether you are having a repeat c-section, planning a cesarean because of a complication, or are creating a contingency plan just in case, I can help you create a cesarean birth plan that makes your birth day everything it should be. With some planning and forethought, you can greet your baby happily no matter where he or she is born.

Let’s create a c-section that feels like the joyful birth your family is anticipating.

Imagine a quiet room, surrounded by your partner and doula. Your baby is born slowly, and placed on your chest skin to skin. You are awake, aware, and in awe of the little person before you. Your baby nuzzles, and squirms, and finds its way to the breast. You recover together, bonding and discovering each other. Cesarean birth can be like this. I have seen it happen, and we can create this for your family.

I work with my birth doula clients to create a short, to the point, cesarean birth plan. It often consists of just several bullet points highlighting the most important requests for your family. I have seen doctors receive these requests with almost no hesitation because of their simplicity and because when families plan ahead of time, the whole birth team can get on board. Often doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologists are excited to participate in a different kind of cesarean birth – one that is truly gentle and family centered.

I can provide resources, links, videos, and articles to help you decide what should be included in your unique c-section birth plan. And in the operating room, I take photos, comfort, and talk you through the birth in a way that is very similar to the way I do in a delivery room. If you would like to learn more about creating a c-section that feels like a birth day, please contact me.