“When reflecting on my experience, I don’t even focus on the discomfort and pain, and I barely recall that part of the birthing experience.

What I DO remember, and cherish, most vividly, was the relief I felt when you two walked into the room. When Amanda looked into my eyes and told me it was time to go deep and have this baby, while acknowledging and understanding I was exhausted and holding back. Amanda’s expert back massages. Hugging Marissa who was so perfectly my size that it was like 2 puzzle pieces coming together.  The major hip squeezes that both of you gave me that brought my baby down, down, down in record time. Your smiles and you hugging each other when the doctor told me I was fully dilated and it was time to push after just 2 hours of hard work. The pushing suggestions and coaching to bear down and bring Nate forward. And that when my baby was born into this world, I can’t think of any two other people I would have rather shared that with.  You two are my angels. Words cannot express how meaningful you made my experience…and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Amanda, first time mama, Hadley Mass.

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doula reflections

Sometimes in birth, I feel like I am looking into the very heart of a marriage. And the love in this marriage, it runs so deep and still. Patience, and perseverance, and power were the work of this labor. A willingness to wait, and to invite it to be stronger, to be harder, to trust, to follow it to its end. This is a woman who knows how to work for what she wants. Once she fixed her mind to it, she did not waste any time. In the end she reached down and caught her baby, brought him to her chest. He was perfect. 

photo by Nature & Nurture