"This being my third child, I wasn't sure that I really needed a doula - let alone two - but it was amazing to feel so abundantly supported!

We immediately felt at ease with Marissa and Amanda, as if they were old friends. Marissa's sense of humor, Amanda's calm intuition, and their combined knowledge of the latest research, buoyed me through a pregnancy that was at times difficult. Marissa and Amanda supported me as I explored my birth options right up until the very end (meeting with a homebirth midwife at 40 weeks!) Their reassuring presence by phone, text, and email, during my labor helped me feel calm and at ease throughout the day. By the time we felt ready to head the hospital and have them join us, my daughter was already on her way and was born unintentionally but peacefully at home. Amanda and Marissa arrived soon after and were a huge help in orchestrating the logistics of our subsequent trip to the hospital to get checked out. My husband and I were able to unreservedly enjoy those first few hours with our new baby; the gorgeous photos that Amanda took perfectly capture the calm joy that we all felt." 

Shannon and Ryan, third time parents, Hadley Mass.

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doula reflections

This girl, she blew in on a hurricane. Quiet at first and then like a cloudburst she came all at once into the hands of her mama and dad. Doulas doing a u-turn in the night. Pink and perfect we found her, wrapped in blankets and cord bound with butcher's twine. And mama, she was joyous and giddy, daddy proud and sure. I followed the flashing lights through the dark, received warmly by the midwife, and then quickly home again. What an amazing, strong family this is. Tucked back into their beds before their boys ever knew they were gone.
— M