“Big thanks to our heavenly doulas, Marissa and Amanda…

With no sleep, you guided us through an unforgettable birth of two beautiful healthy babies…Your strength and compassion made such a difference for us! You and Amanda brought something very special to our births; it’s so hard to pin down, but it’s something about who the two of you are. We were just talking about how we miss you. Thank you.”

Dave, father of twins, South Hadley

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doula reflections

In a haze of exhaustion we went to her. We napped as her labor began, doulas gratefully resting together. She moved through her labor; shifting, adjusting, making herself at home in the space with the constant love and support of her man. As the first baby came she rose from the floor onto her own two feet and received her into mama's own hands. Then settling back, baby boy stuck out a foot, then two, forging his own path into the world. We left them resting, this new family, each with a babe in arms. An incredible blessing, for us and for them.