Mothering mothers in Franklin & Hampshire counties

All of my birth clients receive a postpartum home visit, as well as phone and email support in the early weeks and months of parenting. I am also available for traditional postpartum doula support. Service includes consultation on any of the topics below, plus newborn care, cooking, cleaning, and household support.

I consider myself a resource for you during the childbearing year and beyond.

Postpartum doula care can include:

* POSTPARTUM SELF-CARE - tips and tricks to help your body heal, nutritional information, help to make the most of all the visitors in the early days

* EARLY BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT - best practices for a good start, comfort measures, common issues in the early weeks, referrals to local lactation consultants and La Leche League volunteers, pumping how-to

* LONG TERM BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT - returning to work, “extended” nursing beyond one year, night weaning, nursing through pregnancy, tandem nursing

* SECOND BABIES & BEYOND - welcoming a new baby to your family, common reactions of older children, special concerns of close child spacing, juggling everyone’s needs in the early days

* BABY WEARING - sling and carrier options, fittings, and how-to support

* CO-SLEEPING - best practices for safety, comfort, and ease; I have years of personal experience gently coaxing babies and toddlers to sleep longer and get better quality rest

* CLOTH DIAPERING - diapering options, sources, services, and how-to support

* MOXIBUSTION – “Mother Roasting” is a gentle herbal treatment practiced in different forms all over the world to warm the new mother and encourage healing and recovery of her body and her energy

* EXTENSIVE LIST OF RESOURCES for a wide range of needs including sources of breastfeeding supplies, local holistic practitioners for the whole family, mothers groups, support for women with postpartum depression, support after loss, midwifery practices and much more

Postpartum doula care is available to families living within 30 minutes from my home, which includes Greenfield, Montague, the Hilltowns, and western Franklin County, as well as Northampton, Hadley, and northern Hampshire County.