Pregnancy and birth classes in Greenfield, Mass.

Bellyfull Birth’s classes, events, and workshops cover a variety of topics and are a fun affordable way to learn about prenatal care, pregnancy and birth, as well as to share your experience and connect with other new families in Western MA. I offer small group independent childbirth education series in Greenfield MA, and low-cost classes as well. I can sometimes offer private childbirth classes too. Keep in touch to be notified of new events.


Registration information:

Greenfield MA birth classes at Baystate Franklin Medical Center in 2019:

  • January 7 & 8, 6pm-9pm

  • February 10, 9am - 4pm

  • April 13, 9am - 4pm

  • June 2, 9am - 4pm

  • September 22, 9am - 4pm

  • Interested in other dates or private classes?
    Let me know!

Small group childbirth education series

The Science & Soul of Birth: Evidence-based care for heartfelt people

Looking for an evidence-based pregnancy and childbirth class that is also heartfelt and supportive? You've found it. This class emphasizes knowledge-building and informed decision making, while leaving plenty of time to connect with other families and discuss the emotional changes you'll encounter as your family grows. Taught by a childbirth educator and registered nurse (RN), the class will help you discover the science and the soul of birth as you learn about all the options available to you.

  • Find freedom of choice based on knowledge of alternatives

  • Get up to date on the newest research on normal labor and birth

  • Learn about how your body changes in pregnancy and supports your growing baby

  • Understand the anatomy and physiology of labor, and what it feels like to labor and birth a baby

  • Practice comfort measures and coping techniques with an educator who is also a professional doula

  • Become familiar with common birth interventions and challenges

  • Face your fears on cesarean, induction, and coping with labor pain

  • Prepare for growing your family when you bring your baby home and breastfeeding

After Marissa’s class, I felt more confident about the process of giving birth. She didn’t pretend that there’s any way to foresee the exact thoughts and feelings that would accompany labor and birth, but by explaining the progression of labor and the rationales and effects of every possible intervention, she provided much needed peace of mind. She answered every question and what-if scenario with candor and good humor, creating a safe and comfortable space. After having my baby, the other members of my class were my first mommy-friends. Having the support of one another postpartum made a world of difference in our happiness and enjoyment of our babies.
— Hannah, Greenfield Mass.
We wished the Science and Soul of Birth class would not end! Literally every minute was packed with useful, fascinating information and hands-on learning. We are swimming in books about pregnancy and birth, but they are just not the same. Being in class with other expectant families is educational and supportive, and Marissa is knowledgable and compassionate and she has a wonderful warmth and sense of humor. Highly recommended!
— Darry, Greenfield MA

Low-cost workshops & events

Birth Options: Know your choices. Find your voice.

Growing your family? If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any.

In this 1 hour workshop taught by two doulas, we will discuss a broad range of common birth options. We’ll show you how to find credible information and make informed decisions about your family’s well-being, from prenatal care to parenting choices.

Whether you’re 10 weeks pregnant, due any day now, or trying to conceive, you’ll leave with resources to guide you in navigating all your options. Know your choices, find your voice.

Registration information:

  • This class is only $10 if you register in advance!

  • $15 for walk-in registration at the class

  • Special price for birth professionals

2016 dates & locations:

  • More classes to be announced