Dear mama whose child was having an epic freak out in Whole Foods

Dear mama whose child was having an epic freak out in Whole Foods:

I have so very much empathy for you. I can still remember in my body what it feels like to be that mom, with that child, in that place. My heart hurt for you. I wish that some other mom had reached out to me in that moment, the way I tried to today. I hope you felt my kindness.

And to those young college girls who said to each other "that's why I never want children"...I predict that at least one of you will someday find yourself in the same saggy sweatpants but with a stretchy tummy, tired eyes, pushing your cart full of toddlers. I hope you remember and are kinder to your mama-self than you were to that woman today. 

And to the older woman, who said to her friend "I would have carried my kid to the car so fast"...I beg you to remember the loneliness and exhaustion of those years. The just hanging on by a thread wishing you could just disappear between the bakery and the meat department so no one would judge you. You may have made it to the other shore but so many of us are still paddling through the waves of early mothering. Next time maybe reach out your hand to that mama and help her across. 

I got a little emotional today in Whole Foods, thinking about the way that we are so isolated as mothers, so fragile sometimes. Please let's support each other, let's be brave and make eye contact and say "I know. I've been there. You aren't alone. You're doing a great job. It gets better."