Doula support for a VBAC family in Western MA

“…While all births are profound experiences, Nova’s birth was exceptionally so for us. Kristy and I knew from the moment we met you that you were the one to be at her side... You assist with great compassion, great empathy, absolute respect and care. I will always remember that, Marissa. To know that your ‘spirit’ touched Nova’s mother, and that that in turn touched Nova herself fills me with the greatest, most profound joy. She was brought into this world encompassed and held up with love and great joy by all who were there, and you were a part of this. Thank you, Marissa, for being so kind, loving, compassionate and just plain ‘there’ for Kristy, for Rex, me and for Nova. With the greatest respect for your work, dedication and devotion to all the mothers you served, and will serve, I thank you from the bottom of my heart Marissa.
— Matt, papa to two, Greenfield Mass.

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Many more love notes from my families live here.

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